NIKE MOBILE TRUCK | Let The Run Tell You Why

It is a mobile installation designed with both sides of 4 meters long sound-synchronised LED mirror which extend the depth to the infinite. The hacked treadmill, multi-projected generative visual and 3D gaming environment which created a truly immersive space and maximised an innovative running experience in a futuristic city. The 3D gaming environment simulated three futuristic Hong Kong’s marathon runways.

The campaign is initiated by a core message “Let the Run Tell You Why”. Player would need to drop down the reason of the run. The installation is linked with Facebook and Instagram. Every story will keep rolling online and inspire the next.

Multi-projected generative visual which created an immersive space to the interior.

The 3D gaming environment is simulating Hong Kong famous marathon spots in a futuristic abstractions.

iPad’s app interface designed with generative visual which the mathematics algorithm is inspired by the Nike Flyknit innovative knitting technology.

This mobile installation has been travelled to 23 running hotspots in Hong Kong which attracted more than a thousand participants to share their unique impressions via facebook and instagram.

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